A Prayer for Mothers with Shitty Mothers

A Prayer for Mothers with Shitty Mothers Please protect us from our difficult mothers. Please protect us from our critical mothers. Please protect us from our mothers,  Who seem to have forgotten that  we are not the worst parts  of themselves. Please protect me from becoming a difficult mother.  Please protect me from myself. My…Read more »

Walking with Eggshells

Walking with Eggshells   I am consistently struck by the leap of faith—the courage—it takes to be a client working on healing from trauma. My clients reveal things to me that are precious, raw, sometimes spoken in my office for the first time after a lifetime of silence. That part of working with clients feels…Read more »


I am in the process of spewing a torrent of navel-gazing thoughts when I feel a calm, still space in front of me. It is similar to sensing a pair of eyes on you and turning to see a bird watching, calmly perched, unruffled and uninterested in whether or not you see it. I slow…Read more »