I am re-posting this here after posting it on Facebook a year ago. Far right, anti-choice folks are using the pandemic to try and restrict abortion laws even more. Covid-19 already disproportionately affects women of color. Let’s not compound that horror of racism more. I had an abortion one month after my thirteenth birthday. I’m…Read more »

This Is (not) How I Die

My friend, Kate, is outraged on my behalf. I find myself tracking her energy for clues about why, until she just tells me, doesn’t make me guess like I’m used to. She’s mad that my oldest sister, I’ll call her Elle, asked me, in her “watch me dissect your trauma with scientific interest” way, whether…Read more »

A Prayer for Mothers with Shitty Mothers

A Prayer for Mothers with Shitty Mothers Please protect us from our difficult mothers. Please protect us from our critical mothers. Please protect us from our mothers,  Who seem to have forgotten that  we are not the worst parts  of themselves. Please protect me from becoming a difficult mother.  Please protect me from myself. My…Read more »

“You’re Married to the Russian!” and other missed opportunities

I am watching for my daughter in the pack of ice skaters looping around the rink when a woman taps me on the shoulder. When I turn toward her, she nods and smiles at me, as if she is expecting an answer to a question she asked the last time we saw one another. Her…Read more »